How to Register a Death

Who Can Register?

1. Close relative of the deceased.

2. Relative in attendence during last illness.

3. A relative in the district where death has occured.

4. A person present at the death.

5. The person arranging the funeral.

Documents Required

1. Medical Certificate of Death.

2. Medical Card if available or

3. Birth Certificate & information regarding date of birth.

Information Required to Register

1. Date and place of death.

2. Full name of your loved one (maiden name if applicable).

3. Date and place of birth.

4. Occupation and home address.

5. If married, full name and occupation of surviving spouse, or partner.

People You May Need to Contact

When visiting at the Registry Office Guildhall you can report a death to most government organisations in one go using the Tell Us Once service.

There are lots of practical things that have to be dealt with when someone passes away and it can be difficult to think of them all. We have tried to list as many as possible to help but we may not have covered everything.

Taking advice from a legal specialist offering Will Advice and Probate Services could help steer you through legal complexities and offer practical solutions and support tailored to your needs.